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Fellow Travelers, Guides & Influences

Top: Mother in Her Studio,   Below: detail & full view of her formal bodice, photo from '80's

Lagos and Zaria Nigeria, 1984, Skyline, earth/clay and underground dyeing!

Major INSPIRATION: Grounds and Marks: Pavement, Asphalt cracks &  repair, Chinese seals / chop marks

Lena, at age 4 or 5 years old, brilliant message & marks!

A Few Mentors, Artists, Designers, Collectors &  Friends

Sister Terry's Chair, 90's?

Long Admired Artist Guides: Magdalena Abakanowicz , Martin Puryear, El Anatsui, Eva Hesse

Martin Puryear, Bower, 1980

Martin Puryear, Face Dance

ElAnatsui Venice'12.jpeg

El Anatsui, Venice 2012

I want to thank ALL of the institutions and individuals who have supported my progress and success; with Special Thanks to The University of Kansas, Visual Art Department, School of The Arts, faculty, staff and students. In addition, Emprise Bank, The City of  Lawrence, and The Lawrence  Arts Center.

For 20+ years of support, I'd like to also thank the G.R N'Namdi Gallery, Chicago and Detroit.

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